Unut in Egyptian also
Un, Wenut
Unut was an old prehistoric deity originally in form of a snake called "The swift one". She came from province 15 in Upper Egypt and was worshipped with Thoth at the capital Hermopolis. Later she got a woman's body and a hare's head. She was taken into the cult of Horus and later by Re. There were five hieroglyphic signs of her (right) but she was other- wise rarely spoken of in literature and inscriptions. A unique sculpture of her was found i a ruined tempel at Giza in the early 1900s, and it's probably the only one of its kind at present (2008). Her name was taken in to the highest royal position just once in the Egyptian history. The only king with her name was Unas from dynasty five (in chapter "Kings - History" at top of this page).
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