KV 2
334 units
Heavy tank
Weight: 52 tons
Length: 6,80 m
Width: 3,32m
Armour: 30-110 mm
Engine: 600 hps
Speed: 26 km/h
Gun: 122/152 mm
Crew: 6

The KV-2 was made to support infantry. Hull and chassis was from KV-1 and remained almost unchanged. The huge box-like turret gave the vehicle a total height of 3.28 m, which drew just too much enemy fire, and most of them were lost at the begining of the war. The weight made the KV-2 slow with a maximum speed of just 26 km/h. The production of the KV-2 stopped when the factories were taken by the Germans in 1942.

KV2 drawing