KV 3
Heavy tank
Weight: 63 tons
Length: 6.76 m
Width: 3.33 m
Height: 3.00 m
Armour: 90 mm
Gun: 85/104 mm
Mach.gun: 3/7,62 mm
Engine: 12/850 hps
Speed: 33 km/h

In late 1940 two prototypes were built (called Object 150 and KV-220) armed with a 85 mm F-30 gun and three 7,62 mm DT machine guns. Ammo load was 91 x 85 mm rounds and 4.032 rounds for the MGs. It had a total weight of 63.000 kg and its maximum speed was a slow 33 km/h. In the picture above the gun looks underdimensioned compaired to the big heavy turret.
Notable: seven wheels, one more than the other KV-versions (1 and 2) which, despite their numbers, came into production later.

KV 3 drawing