KV 8
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Heavy tank
KV 8 1943 data:
Weight: 47,50 tons
Width: 3,32 m
Length: 6,60 m
Height: 2,71 m
Crew: 5
Armour: 30-120 mm
Gun: 762 mm
Engine: 12/600 hps
Speed: 54 km/h Range: 180 km
The KV-1 (after the minister of war - Klmenet Voroshilov) was the Red Army’s standard heavy tank until 1943.
It was massproduced from February 1940 to early 1943 and replaced by the IS (Iosef Stalin) series. However a flame thrower version KV-8 came into production in 1942, with the basic looks as the KV 1. It was not mainly a combat vehicle, but a supporting tanks to the infantery when taking posessions of newly taken areas like towns. The difference was in the design of the turre's front which had a flamethrower (capacity: around 100 m) beside the (shorter) gun. The data left: taken from KV 1.
KV 8 drawing