KS 10
15 units
Light tank

Weight: 6,60 tons
Length hull: 5,0 m
Width: 1,74 m
Height: 2,25 m
Crew: 2
Armour: 18-37 mm
Engine: 39 hps

This tank from 1919 was nicknamed "Russian Renault" because a French tank from WW2 was the prototype and French engineers assisted. The engine was a sample from the FIAT automobile. The first tank from August 1920 (picture) was called "Fighter for freedom - comrade Lenin". 15 vehicles were delivered until May 1921, and all had individual names. KS 10 made service in auto-armoured units 1921-1929 and went out of duty in April 1930. Note the floating block(!) at the side which could not have worked.