Land cruiser
Drawing board

Weight: 170 tons
Length: ?
Length: ?
Breadth: ?
Armour: 150 mm
Gun: 120 mm
Motorpower: ?
Speed: 24 km/h
Crew: 8

Various projects for fully tracked armored vehicles were worked out in 1915-16 in Russia and elsewhere in the burning Europe. An early design was this so called "Armored land cruiser" by the naval ingeneer and constructor V. D. Mendel-eyev (1886-1922) who had been working at the shipbuilding department in the naval base of Cronstadt. At the outbreak of the first World War in 1914 he was at shipyards in S:t Peters-burg and designed this battle tank in 1915. It was to have a shape of a submarine with a tower armed with a machine gun, and he proposed to use a submarine engine and a heavy na-val gun on a tractor chassis! The plans never left the drawing board (as far as we know) and with such a heavy gun the blast would probably have disabled the crew inside this unlikely creation. The known data makes it all seem like fantasy.