Heavy tank

Weight: ~55 tons
Length: m
Width: m
Armour: mm
Gun: mm
Engine: hps
Speed: km/h

A super-heavy T-39 tank was designed in 1932-34 and another prototype, T-100 (Izdieliyc 100) was also made, but was not approved of by the army. These were members of the "Leningrad Monsters", a group of heavy clumsy multi-turret tanks made at the Leningrad Locomotive Works. This production was initated by Stalin himself who once expressed his point of view in favour of very heavy combat vehicles. They all turned out to be to immobile, slow and easy to hit and thus was a compleately flop in combat. The data of this prototype is likelly to be basically like as those that came into a small production like the SMK tank in 1939.
Some was (according to a visitor to this page) tested in the Finnish Winter War 1939-40. The performance was bad and no production was started and likewise for the SMK tank.