A 32
(T 32)
Medium tank

Weight: 21 tons
Length: 5.92
Width: 3.00 m
Height: 2.40 m
Armour: 13-30 mm
Gun: 760 mm
Crew: 4
Engine: - hps
Speed: ca 50 km/h

From A-20 prototype came the development of the A-32, which didn't use the wheel/track-option, but was now fitted with a short 76 mm gun. The A-32 prototype had proved very good in trials and a small production was delivered by the name T-32. However battle experience in the Spanish Civil War made it clear that it had insufficient (too thin) armor protection. After getting a thicker hull and other changes made it was called T-34 and should be the most famous tank of its time. (See this ).

T 32 drawing