T 33
Light tank
Weight: 3 tons
Length: ~3,7 m
Width: ~2 m
Crew: 2
Armour: 7-9 mm
Gun: 7.62 mm
Engine: 63 hps
Speed: 28 km/h
The T-33 was a prototype of a light amphibious tank. It was based upon the Carden-Loyd tankettes (T-27) purchased from England. The only unit was completed in 1932 designated "Morskoi 33".
It had a 360 degree moving turret placed in the centre line of the hull, and a crew of two men, whose only weapon was a machine gun. The speed (on land only) was quite good. In 1933 a second unit, fully amphibious and with new suspension, became the T-37.