T 35

Heavy tank

Weight: 55 tons
Length: 9.72 m
Width: 3.20 m
Crew: 9-11
Armour: 110-30 mm
Guns: 76, 37,(45) mm
Engine: 500 hps
Speed (road): 30 km/h

In 1933 a successor to the earlier T-32 appeard called T-35. Produced from 1933-1939. Five turrets was the best feature with five extra machineguns. The suspension was protected by 10 mm thick armour plates. During 1935 the 37 mm guns were replaced by 45 mm guns.
Experience from the Finnish Winter War 1939-40 necessiated alterations in armament with two machinegun turrets removed and the minor front turrets mounting a 45 mm gun and a machine gun. The final production models were welded throughout. At the start of the war 48 vehicles were still in service but the fighting abilty of this tank was limited due to its slowness and thin armour.

T-35 photo/drawing