T 37
250 units
Weight: 3.25 tons
Length: 3.73 m
Width: 1.94 m
Height: 1.84 m
Crew: 2
Armour: 4-9 mm
Gun: 7.62 mm
Engine: 70 hps
Speed (land): 35 km/h
Speed (water): 6 km/h
Light amphibious tank developed from the T-33. It had both track- and propeller drive systems with a single propeller and rudder fitted at the rear. Encased in sheet metal, balsa-wood floats were fitted in form of trackguards to provide additional buoyancy to the watertight hull. The sprockets and final drives were at the front, drive being transmitted from the engine at the rear. A total of 250 units was built and mainly used for scouting missions for units of the infantry.
T-37 drawing