T 55
~65.000 units
Medium tank

Weight: 36 tons
Length: 9,0/6,45 m
Width: 3,27 m
Armour: 170/203 mm
Gun: 100 mm
Engine: 580 hps
Speed: 48 km/h
Crew: 4

T 55 came in 1959 and it was a development of T 54. The tank had abc-protection and diving ability to the depth of 4 metres. It came in many versions and was the backbone of the tank weapon of the Warshaw Pact into the late 1980s. T 54 and T 55 were very alike looking and had a significant identification mark: a big gap between the to first two wheels. T 55 was produced in tens of thousands into the 1980s. It was exported and is still in duty in various places around the World. In Red China it's called T 59.

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