T 84
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Heavy tank

Weight: 46 tons
Length: 7,7/9,7 m
Height: 2,2 m
Width: 3,8 m
Gun: 120 mm
Storage: 40 shells
Mach.gun: 7,62 mm
Motor: 12/1200 hps
Speed: 60 km/h

The T-84 is based on the T-80U with a modified all-welded turret. It has ERA on the hull and turret fronts, NBC protection system, a fire-detection/suppression system and GPS navigation. The production (not known) was probably intended for export only and not as an inventory of the Soviet army. Standard T-84 stowes the ammunition in carousel-magazine. The T-84/120 has the ammunition stowed in the turret bustle (see picture).
The autoloader has 22 rounds (in turret) plus 18 stowed in the hull.

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