Medium tank

Weight: 38 tons
Length: 7.50 m
Width: 3.00 m
Armour: - mm
Guns: 76.2, 37.00 mm
Crew: 5
Engine: 200-300 hps
Speed: 35 km/h (road)

TG (tank Grote or Grotte after the constructor) was a medium weight tank designed in the summer of 1931 in Leningrad, when the prototype was ready for test. This tank had an unusual almost futuristic design with the turret rounded even on top, a feature that was 15 years before its time and then came in the famous JS 3. With the main gun pointing forward it had machine guns pointing to both sides and backwards, plus the rotating cupola turret with gun number two. It performed quite well at the tests but it wasn't approved of and thus did not go into production. Following Stalin's wishes the effort was instead put in the heavier so called "Leningrad monsters" T-35, T-100 and SMK.       TG drawing