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Russian tanks

T-34 Russian Battle Tank
Fully illustrated are all aspects of this innovative yet simple designed vehicle, whose mobility and armor represented a leap forward in tanks constructions. Showing all the various famous T-34 models.
By: Hughes, Mann and Ford.     Read more
34/76 Medium Tank: 1941-45
This book gives a thoroughly description of all the T-34/76 models during WWII, and how it was developed in the late 1930s from experiences after some vehicles fighting in the Spanish civil war.
By: Sarson, Johnson, Zaloga.    Read more

The T-34 Battle Tank
(Military History Ser. Vol 59)
This book covers the use and full design plus a true description of the T-34 tank. The author is a German expert on Soviet armor from World War II. (Text in English).
By: Horst Scheibert.    Read more
T-34/85 Medium Tank 1944-1994 (N Vanguard # 20)
The T-34 was the most important Russian tank of WWII and the /85 version (gun calibre) was almost equal with the German heavy Tiger. The authors clear up some myths on the subject in this volume.
By: S Zaloga, P Sarson.    Read more

Kv-1 & 2: Heavy Tanks 1939-1945
An well written informative volume offering some new pictures stage-by-stage look at the evolution of the first Soviet heavy tanks. A brilliant buy for anyone interested in heavy tanks.
By: by J Kinnear, PSarson (Ill.), S J Zaloga   Read more
IS-2 Heavy Tank 1944-1973
A study by a real expert on the Soviet Heavy tanks. Includes also those prototype models that never were manufactured. The IS-2 (Iosef Stalin 2) is thoroughly presented with fine illusrations.
By: Steve Zaloga, Peter Sarson (Ill.).
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Russian Armor Design
1945 to Present
An outstanding big (448 pag) reference book covering the end of the WW II in 1945 to present. 310 photos and 250 line drawings. Describes also variants hardly known in the West. A great buy!   Read more
Stalin's Armored Might
Russian Tanks of World War II:
A book packed with the famous main battle tanks which were produced and took part in World War II.
A gallery of the best tanks in the world ever and a valuable reference book.     Read more

German tanks

The Tiger 1
on the Western Front
Tiger 1 became the most famous German tank of World War II. Here each unit's operational history (Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS) is covered in detail and their insignia and a unit vehicle is shown in color.     Read more
Germany's Tiger 1
Design, Production & Modifications
This is the Tiger 1 tanks from official records with all variants from the idea's of conception to the very end of its production. Holds 160 b/w photographs, 151 line drawings, 9" x 12".     Read more

Tiger 2 - The King Tiger
Color illustrations and cut- away drawings provide ac- curate details of the interi- or layout of this tank, the heaviest and by far most powerful of all the Tigers.
                Read more
of German Tanks
A magnificent reference volume containing every tank and armored vehicle designed or manufacured in Germany 1933-45.
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The Panther Tank
Photos from surviving tanks give details of the original Panther covering details like the side skirts, engine decks, hatches etc. A good resource for armor modelers as well as ordinary military enthusiast and historians.
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The German Tanks
of World War II
Top selling new volume with excellent photos of Tigers, Panthers, King Tigers, Jagdpanthers and all the other types from museums and collectors all around the world.
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US Tanks

The Sherman Tank
A book containing combat chapters and descriptions. The photos and graphics are good and so is the info of all the variants of this massproduced and world famous US combat vehicle.
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American Tanks
of World War II
A volume with clear color photos and information of preserved examples like scout cars, half-tracks and light, medium and heavy tanks. Photos that will help model builders and restorers alike.
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Abrams MBT
A book on the World's best tank 1982-1992 by Steven Zaloga. "The most radical departure in US tank design since W W 2". Very pleasent reading for those in- terested in great armor weapons of today.
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US Armored Divisions
A book on the tank battle orders on the European War Theater in 1944-45 and how the US tank weapon devel- oped from a small task force to a powerful war machine compareable to the German and Russian.
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