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For Children

Ancient Egyptian Costumes
Paper Dolls
Clothing found as reliefs in the tombs of the pharaohs depicting everyday life and some Egyptian mythology. A pedagogical must-have for the middle school history teacher and others.
Ages: 8-12    Read more
A Coloring Book of Egypt
This book includes art from the earliest kings to Cleopatra. The focus is on tomb images showing animals at play, ships, gods and goddesses, musicians, dancers, and scenes of Egyptians at work in the fields and sporting.
Ages: 8-12     Read more

The Royal Diaries Series
A fascinating book about a famous Queen written like entries in her own diary. Her life reveals many dramatic events in this semi fictional story.
Ages: 9-12    Read more
The Best Book of Mummies.
Simple, clear text and illustrations introducing the ancient Egyptians' burial rituals. Text and realistic scenarios of a funeral procession and the interesting science of mummification.
Ages: 5-10     Read more

Fun with Hieroglyphs.
A kit where children can explore the Egyptian letters. Has 24 rubber stamps, ink pad, guidebook and a chart with all the beautiful symbols.
A fun and pedagogic present for all children.
Ages: 9-12    Read more
Spend a day in Ancient Egypt.
Follow a typical Egyptian family through their day and make over thirty easy step-by-step projects. Participate in the exciting festival in honour of the Egyptian goddess Bastet.
Ages: 9-12     Read more

Kings and Queens

The Life and Death of a Boy-King
An really historical detective work reconstructing the life of King Tut. His childhood years, brief reign and his mysterious death as a teenager.
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The Female Pharaoh
A biography based on historical records of this remarkable woman who ruled Egypt for 20 years and built a beautiful temple at Deir el Bahri.
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Egypt's Most Beautiful Queen
A book about a famous woman who lived in a time where intrigues and internal disorder shook the royal family and the whole Egyptian society.
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A new book about Kleopatra, the fascinating queen famous for her love affair with Julius Caesar. According to all readers the best volume available on this well known subject.
Recommended!     Read more

Akhenaten: King of Egypt.
Akhenaten was a revolutionary king who forbade the Egyptians to worship all their gods except one, the solar disc Aten. He promoted art and poetry before war and turned society upside down for 20 years.       Read more
Chronicle of the Pharaohs.
A reign-by-reign description and pictures of the most important rulers from the 3,000 year long history of Egypt. Most of them have their hieroglyphic names and pictures. Already a classic volume.      Read more

Gods and Goddesses

The Gods of Egypt
A great volume taking up all the important deities in the Egyptian pantheon. We meet the well know names of Re, Horus, Isis and the row of goddesses of love, children, witchcraft etc. all as humans or animals.      Read more
The Circle of ISIS.
Egyptian Magic for Modern Witches
This book is good for modern witches who wish to explore the Egyptian magic. Also suitable for beginners who want to experience witchcraft in ancient Egyptian style.      Read more

MAAT Magic.
A Guide to Self-Initiation
This is the message of the ancient Egyptians which helps people of today understand the theory of reaching perfect balance with nature through performing personal rituals.      Read more
The ANUBIS Slayings.
In Egypt's capital Thebes, the chief judge Amerotke confronts a fascinating maze of puzzles, death and knife-edged political intrigues. A stabbed priest of Anubis and missing jewels build up this novel.     Read more


The Complete Pyramids: Solving the Ancient Mysteries
This book is the true "Bible" of pyramids, made by a professional - for the laymen. It's packed with hundreds of photos and computer-images from all Egyptian pyramids.      Read more
The Great Pyramid:
Fact & Theory
A book about all facts from the great pyramid of Khufu (Kheops): measurements and geometry of passages, chambers etc. Theories about pi, solar year, angles and more.    Read more

Art - History - Architecture

The Art and Architecture
of Ancient Egypt
Text and 400 photos of tombs and their valuables, temples, palaces and their decorations, an array of revealing portraits, statues and many other works of art.     Read more
The Complete Temples
of Ancient Egypt
Text, photos, maps and plans give the historical significance of sites like famous Karnak, Luxor, Giza, Abu Simbel, Dendera, Kom Ombo and Edfu. A monumental encyclopedia!     Read more

The Valley of kings
Large size 432 pages book with more than 800 incomparable color photos. American Kent Weeks has made a magnificent product presenting the tombs of the great pharaohs. A must for anyone interested in Ancient Egypt. Already a classic.     Read more
Ancient Egyptian Designs
for Artists and Craftspeople
A fantastic book presenting lots of artful designs and patterns of the ancient Egyptian society. These early Oriental works of art is an inspiration for all those who decorate, make drawings, paint, weave, knit etc.       Read more