Aha in Egyptian also
Menes(?) in Greek

Aha was a king who clearly ruled over all of Egypt.
His tomb is in the royal cemetery of Abydos and his name means "fighting hawk" or simply "warrior". His serek (in picture left) shows to arms holding a shield and a club. All the names from this trouble- some era had meanings connected to fighting. He was the follower and probably son of king Narmer. One of his names found in his likely mother's queen Neit-hotep's tomb is spelt "Men", meaning "estab- lished" perhaps an indicator that he was Menes (see this king). A large mastaba in Sakkara is from his reign and his tomb had a brand new design: three separate burial chambers and three rows of 33 side tomb from retainers. If they were sacrificed as a part of his funeral or buried later is unknown.
According to Manetho (if he was Menes) he had a reign of 62 years and ended his days by being killed by a hippopotamus.
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