Bird real name
This mysterious king came to light when the huge galleries under pharaoh Djoser's step pyramid in Sakkara were inestigated and cleared. The Serek with his name inside is carved on a stone vessel (see main text though the link at bottom).
It is the only specimen of its kind. An exception can possibly be a serek with what has been interpreted as a bird that was found in 1902 in the tomb of king Qa at Abydos. The style of the serek does not contradict such a hypothesis. What kind of bird that is depicted is hard to tell, and the constructed serek on the picture left has been made of a animal with similar looks taken from the later elaborated form of a hieroglyph showing a heron, but the original might also have been a duck.
Stylistic comparison to date the fragment is from text of king Sneferka from approximately the same period. Nevertheless some scholars put him in the middle of dynasty two or even (N Swelim) dynasty three being the same ruler as Sekhemkhet.
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