Den in Egyptian also
Dewen, Khasti?,
Samti, Udimu
Usaphais in Greek
The name Den means: (Horus) Who Strikes, and his reign was a prosperous time for Egypt. He was in control of the whole country and to maintain his power he campaigned against tribes at the borders. He was the first king to adopt the double crown, and he was worshipped for more than 1.000 years as the patron of medicine since he was considered to be a great physician. Medical books of papyrus describing advaced treatment of fractures and other wounds have survived from his time.
A large mastaba in Sakkara from his chancellor Hemeka, contained lots of tools, weapons, food, fur- niture, stone vessels of great diversity, and a boarding game plus the golden seal of the king.
He was buried in Abydos, and historian Manetho gives him a reign of 20 years, today is accepted by scholars, though all his monuments might indicate even a longer period.
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