Anedjib in Egyptian also
Enezib, Adjib, Merpaba
Miebis in Greek

According to Manetho, Anedjib was the successor and son of king Den. In later times he have been pointed out as the first ruler to have real power over the whole country, and the king list of Sakkara (in a private tomb) has him as the number one ruler.
This may suggest that he, the 6th ruler originating from Thinis, was the first one to have acceptance from all the people. He took the title "the two lords" and the reign seems to have been a decline with falling standard.
His successor Semerkhet desecrated his monuments for some reason, and no portrait of him has sur- vived. In a mastaba from Sakkara from his reign a unique stepped formation was found inside. His tomb is in Abydos. Manetho gives him a reign of 26 years.
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