Hotepsekhemwy also Bedjau, Baunetjer
Boethos in Greek
The founder of dynasty two is not known much about and the period is dusky compared to the first and third dynasties. His name, which is found in various places, means "the two powers are at peace", possibly meaning the powers of the gods Horus and Set. Civil disorder was to appear later in the dynasty. His tomb is in Sakkara, has a huge substructure cut down ito the bedrock, but no re- mains above ground are left.
Considering the huge work that have been made the craftsmen surely had to toil for many years before it became what's left today which seems incompleted. The 38 years which is given him by Manetho were surely needed for this gigantic deed.
The Turin Canon has noted the number 95 after the name (his age?) and if so seemingly too much.

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