Neferkare In Egyptian
Neferkare ruled in the middle of the second dynasty and contemporary remains with names have only been found in the Memphis necropolis (Sakkara).
He is one of the most obscure ruler during this per- iod probably to be positioned somewhere between Sened and Peribsen (or less likely just after Weneg) and the time of his reign may have been short.
Social disorder or civil war might have occurred, when supporters of the god Set were fighting those supporting Horus.
The outcome can have been that two kings might have ruled at the same time, in Upper and Lower Egypt respectively. Where this king (with the three most common elements for a ruler's name) can be placed with accuracy, is guess work even for scho- lars of the trade.
In the picture left we can se the name of the pha- raoh from the "Sakkara King List" made during the 19th dynasty, positioned just before Neferkaseker as in the menu left.

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