Neferkaseker In Egyptian

Neferkaseker ruled in the mid of the second dyna- sty. Remains with his name have only been found twice and in the Memphis necropolis. The position of this king is probably between Sened and Per- ibsen and his time of reign may have been a short one. Social disorder (or perhaps civil war) is likely to have occurred, when supporters of the god Set were fighting those of Horus. The outcome might have been that two kings ruled at the same time, in Upper and Lower Egypt respectively.
The picture left shows the name of the pharaoh in position number 9 from the Sakkara list from the 19th dynasty just after Neferkare. In the more of- ficial temple wall of kings at Abydos, his name is omitted, indicating that he was an insignificant ruler or a politically incorrect one during the trou- blesome period when different opinions were clash- ing promoting their god as the best for the country.

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