Nubnefer in Egyptian
This king probably reigned in the mid second dynasty, and his position in the line of rulers is not clear, and he might be known by another name.
The (only?) two remnants of his come from two in- cised fragments from stone vessels, found in the store rooms in the galleries underneath the pyramid of third dynasty king Djoser in Sakkara. He does not appear in any canon of rulers made throughout Egyptian history. The hieroglyphs in the illustration left shows the way his name was written, but the colours are not genuine.
From the top the title is - "He of the sedge and the bee" (symbols for Lower and Upper Egypt) meaning - ruler of the two united countries. Then the neck- lace (nub) - the hieroglyph for gold, followed by the sign "nefer", meaning beautiful.
In a poetic way his name can be read (interpreted) as - "The beautiful King Gold" or the "King of the beautiful gold", but this is purely guess work.
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