Ninetjer also Nynet(j)er, Neteren,
Banetjer-u (-en)
Binothris in Greek
Nynetjer had a long reign (around fourty years) and is the second best attested for from this dynasty. He is the oldest identified pharaoh to have survived in a 3D sculpture. It is a little statuette (picture left), that shows him sitting on his throne dressed in a short cloak. He is wearing the white crown of Upper Egypt an holds the flail and the crook pressed to his chest. Though the figurine is torn it's possible to se his broad face of a mature man. His ears are big and well formed, a style that lasted to the end of dynasty 3.
His name is written in hieroglyphs at the side of the statuette makes it possible to date it as genuine object from the second dynasty.
His tomb was found in Sakkara in 1938 just 150 metres east of the one from Hotepsekhemwy's that was built around half a century earlier.

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