Peribsen in Egyptian
Full name:  Set (Ash?) Peribsen

There is a big gap in our knowledge about the mid period of second dynasty and earthly remains are few. Civil disorder, division of the country and even some civil war is likely to have occurred between supporters of the gods Horus and Set. King Peribsen put Set (or possibly, but not very likely the god Ash) upon his serek thereby (in the first case) deciding to support that very fraction in the political struggle in Egypt tendencing to civil war.
He was probably ruling from Upper Egypt. where his tomb and most of his remains are found.
It's questionable if his power reached up to Lower Egypt (the delta) and the country may have been divided, at least for a period. There is no name from historian the Manetho's list which correspond in any way to Peribsen's.
He was buried at the royal cemetery in Abydos.

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