Nebre in Egyptian also
Reneb, Kakau
Kaiekhos in Greek
Nebre is yet another ruler who had a long reign (39 years according to Manetho) but has rather few remains telling us about his deeds in the Nile Valley. Fragments with his name from the same area as his forerunner indicates that his funeral remains seem to be on location Sakkara.
Manetho tells that he started the cult of the holy goat of Mendes (Egyptian: Tettu) capital of province number sixteen of Lower Egypt. This worshipping (not known for any goat cult) was probably part of the veneration of the town god Osiris. On a famous stele in beautiful reddish stone possibly found in Abydos (see main text) he gives the sun god Re his first veneration in a king's name; the first in a long row that should follow for over thousand years to come.
In the serek left we see the sun as a red circle and the basket NEB meaning "master" and "everything".
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