Sened other form:
Sethenes in Greek
Just like Weneg and Nubnefer Sened's name is only known from findings in Lower Egypt, and most of them from the Memphis area. An important piece was found in Sakkara in the underground galleries of king Djoser just outside the southern wall surr- ounding his pyramid area. It was a mud brick with a cartouche containing the name of a pharaoh called Nefer-Senedj-Re. This remnant is a very strong indi- cation for his existence, and very likely he is buried in the vicinity, perhaps in the anonymous galleries under Djoser's complex nearby. This plus another finding is the only two from his own time, the others are from later kings' lists.
Variations of his name exist in later times, and his name from the Abydos list is shown in the picture left. In the Sakkara list and Turin papyrus his name is written in an unusual and curious way - a single hieroglyph showing a plucked goose.

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