Weneg in Egyptian also
Tlas in Greek
Weneg was a somewhat mysterious king who may- be appears under different names, and he was perhaps the fourth king of the second dynasty. His name is found on nearly a dozen inscriptions main- ly from the Djoser Step Pyramid underground gal- leries in Sakkara, the necropolis of the old capital Memphis.
He can also be Wadjnes who can be associated to Sekhemib known from seal impressions in the tomb of Peribsen at the royal cemetery in Abydos. Some scholars think that Weneg could have been a sha- dowy Sa, whose name is carved on stone vessels from beneath the Djoser's pyramid east galleries. In that case he can be placed in the chronology after pharaoh Ninetjer.
The illustration left from Sakkara, and shows his name (here with the royal insignia on top removed).

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