The Chronicle of Manetho

Manetho was an Egyptian priest who made a work (all in Greek) over the Egyptian history in the 200s BC. All that is left are transcriptions made by Christian historians like, Africanus (300s AD) and Eusebius (3-400s AD). Copiers' mistakes and only Greek names reduces the historical value.

ruler's name

Flavius /


Ist Dynasty
Menes Menes 62 30
Aqoqis Athothis 57 27
Kenkenes Kenkenes 31 39
Ouenefes Wenefes 23 42
Ousajaidos Usafais 20 20
Miebidos Miebidos 26 26
Sememyes Semempses 18 18
Bienekhes Bienekhes 26 26