Burial ground
of Sakkara North

The central Sakkara area has lots of remains from very old epochs in Egyptian history.
Remains from both under and above ground are present.

1) Djoser's pyramid complex.
2) Unexcavated area.
3) Anonymous enclosure.
4) Pyramid of Userkaf (dyn. 5).
5) Pyramid of Unas (dyn. 6).
6) Pyramid of Sekhemkhet.
7) Anonymous enclosure.

Two unidentified large enclo-sures can be from kings whose tombs are not yet found, like Menkauhor (dyn. 5) or more likely structures from dyn. 1-3.
Investigations of #3 (today cal- led "Gisr el Mudir") indicates an age around dynasty 2-3.