Bikka in Egyptian also
Baka(re), Nebka
Bichieris in Greek
c. 2494 - 2490 BC Reign: 4 years
King Bikka has in the late 1900s been identified with Baka son of Djedefre and it's probable that he was the same individual. Manetho's Bicheris is a likely choice and his position in the canon should be after Khafre, his uncle, and thus he was an older cousin to king Menkaure. What appears to be a big remain of Bikka's is the so called "Unfinished Pyramid" at Zawiyet-el-Aryan 5 km south of Giza. It was intended to have a side of 200 m - a work of a ruler confident in a long reign. The monument was abandoned after a few years probably at the premature death of the king. It's superstructure (all that's left) is similar to Djedefre's at Abu Roash up north, and made in a typically third dynasty style. His name (earlier read: Nebka) was found at the site and two variations of a phonetic signs (inside the cartouche left) have been interpreted diff- erently by scholars of the trade.    (Bikka main text)