Djoser in Egyptian also

Soypis in Greek (Swelim)
c. 2630 - 2611 BC Reign: 19-30 years
Other names of king Djoser was Netjerykhetranub, Sensen and Senwy (according to Swelim). He was the most outstanding pharaoh in the Old Kingdom and perhaps in Egyptian history. He located the power to the capital Mamphis and abandoned the old royal cemetery in Abydos in the south. He started a new era in human history when his chief architect and prime minister (son?) among other things - Imhotep, constructed the first monumental building in history made of hewn stone, the still standing Step pyramid at Sakkara just south of today's Cairo. Lots of genial inventions, architectual and others, came to light during his reign. Imhotep was later considered the god of medicine, and was venerated for over 2.000 years. Djoser was probably an youger brother to his predeseccor king Sanakht.
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