Khaba in Egyptian also
Nebka (Swelim)
Necheropes in Greek
2680 - 2673 BC (?) Reign: c. 4 years
(Swelim 19 years)
Other names of Khaba was Nebka, and Hornub Irtdjetef, according to Swelim. His name was writ- ten with the sign for "shining" (the rising sun with a sound value "kha") and a Jabiru bird (sound: ba).
He built a step pyramid that was never finished at Zawiyet-el-Aryan located between Giza and Abusir.
His position in Manteho's list of kings is tricky and a ruler named Aches is noted for a reign of 42 years, a figure too high to seem correct.
The Table of Swelim promotes Necherphes and gives Khaba the second name Nebka and makes him the founder of the second dynasty with a reign of 19 year. Most Egyptologist put him at the second last place where the Turin Canon has a gap indicating a missing entry and the notation "Hud- jefa" (erased) is put in instead.
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