Khafre In Egyptian also
Khefren, Suphis II  in Greek
c. 2520 - 2494 BC Reign: 26 years
Khafre was the second son of Khufu and came to power after the death of his elder brother - king Djedefre. He erected a pyramid by his father's at Giza and his valley temple there, made of granite, is still standing. Within it was found fragments from over twenty statues.
Alongside the ceremonial pathway up to the pyr- amid from the mortuary temple lays the most famous sculpture of all times - the sphinx. It's the king himself with a lion's body hewn out of the bedrock and with the length of 72 metres.
Photos left shows his famous statue in the Egyptian Museum in different shades making him either a despotic, arrogant and self centered king (top) or a good and rather shy looking guy (bot- tom). This statue is made of a very hard blackish stone called diorite.
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