Khufu In Egyptian
Kheops, Suphis I  in Greek
c. 2551 - 2528 BC Reign: 23 years
Khufu is famous by his Greek name - Kheops.
His name is a short form of Khnum-khuf meaning "Khnum is his protection". His is the builder of the biggest monument in history - his pyramid at Giza. Already in antique times it was considered to be one of the seventh wonders of the world. Ironically the only portrait of this great construc- tor is a tiny ivory statuette just 7,5 cm in height (picture left), found at Abydos in Upper Egypt. He is wearing the crown of Lower Egypt (damaged) and has a flail in his right hand. Greek historian Herodotos tells that Kheops composed the Sacred Books, maybe a type of document which in later times was called  The book of the Dead, but This old piece of literature has not survived in any form. His reign was possibly longer than the 23 years noted 1,000 after his death.
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