Menkaure In Egyptian
Mykerinos in Greek
c. 2490 - 2472 BC Reign: 18 years
King Menkaure probably was a man in his early middle age when he reached the throne. He built a pyramid of a modest size at Giza.
According to Greek historian Herodotos he was a good and wise pharaoh who was loved by his people (his father Khufu was not) and he tried to alleviated the suffering his father's reign had caused the inhabitants of the country.
He gave liberty to the people, opened the tem- ples for commoners and listened to their complains.
In the first decades of the 1900s half a dozen of statues were found of him. They were mostly triads showing himself and two goddesses, and all in an excellent condition (picture left). His large basalt stone sarcophagus was lost at sea during the 1830s when it was under its way to the British Museum.      (Menkaure main text)