Merenre I in Egyptian also
Nemtyemsaf I
 Copper statue of Merenre Methosophis in Greek
c. 2255 - 2246 BC Reign: 9 years
Merenre (sometimes with the number I ) was a son of king Pepi I whom he succeeded at a fairly young age. The Royal Canon of Turin gives him a reign of 40 years, which is far too long and possibly due to a restoration failure or confusion between his prenomen Merenre and his father's - Merire.
Egyptologists believe that his reign was short, about 7-9 or at the most 15 years and he prob- ably died unexpectedly young, in his twenties.
In the list of pharaohs named on the Sakkara Stone his number of years on the throne can be interpreated (in this damaged spot) as 25. His name means "Beloved by Re", shown in the cartouche in picture left as it is incised into the Abydos List in position number 37.
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