Merenre II in Egyptian also
Nemtyemsaf II
Menthesuphis  in Greek
c. 2152 BC Reign: 1 year

Merenre II was the son of king Pepi II and and queen Neith. He succeeded his father and married his sister Neitkrety (Nitokris). The only document dated to his own times is a decree protecting the cult of the queens Ankhesenpepi and Neith, from the pyramid complex of his mother Neith in South Sakkara.
The story tells that Merenre II (Nemtyemsaf II) was asassinated by people close to him in the palace, and his queen and widow Nitokris took revenge on the murderers before committing suicide.
In the picture to the left his throne name Nemty- emsaf ("Nemty Is His Protection") is seen made of four hieroglyphs within a cartouche.

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