Nebkare In Egyptian
Akhes in Greek
c. 2602 - 2605 Reign: 3,5 years
Almost nothing is known of Nebkare, and it's not sure when he had his reign. In the Abydos lists he is noted between Sedjes and Snofru and also in the Sakkara list a Neferkare (in 8) is placed in the 2nd dynasty between Senedj and Neferkaseker.
The so called Unfinished Pyramid at Zawiyet-el-Aryan has usually been dated to dynasty four and Lauer has convincingly proofed that this is a fact.
Egyptologist Nabil Swelim on the other hand dates this monument to the late third dynasty and possibly made by king Nebkare whom he gives a reign of 3,5 years.
Another possible tomb for king Nebkare is the huge mastaba (labeled M17) by the pyramid at Meidum, where some human remains plus royal insignia have been found.
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