Nefererkare in Egyptian also
Neferkeris in Greek
c. 2446 - 2426 BC Reign: 20 years

King Nefererkare was a younger brother of Sahure and followed him on the throne. He was probably a mature man at this point but manage to have a reign of about twenty years, almost twice as long as his brother. Confident in a rather long period on the throne he planned and built a pyramid at Abusir which was the biggest so far in the dynasty measuring a gode 100 metres at the base side, and he almost lived long enough to see it com- pleted. In the cartouche left is seen his "personal" name Kakai which he was the first king to have beside his long throne name meaning - "beautiful is the soul of Re", as son of the solar god. Two of his own sons possibly became kings over Egypt.

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