Neferkare in Egyptian also
Sephuris  in Greek
c. 2604-2598 Reign: 2-8 years
Neferkare (most probably identical to Qahedjet) is here placed in the third dynasty. The very common name is also seen in dynasty 2 between Sened and Peribsen, or between Weneg and Sened and has only been found in the Memphis necropolis.
The three hieroglyphs in his name are the most common and used by many pharaohs in history.
The dynasty III position today seems correct as he is identified as king Qahedjet who did pop up as late as i the 1960s in a magnificent stele.
He probably had a very short reign since no phy-sical remains are left from his deeds. The picture left shows his name in position number 8 in dynasty III as written in the Sakkara list from the 19th dyn-asty, and thus made 1.300 years after his supposed short reign. Also see the dynasty 3 Table of Swelim.
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