Neuserre in Egyptian also
Rathoris in Greek
c. 2416 - 2392 BC Reign: 24 years
King Neuserre Izi was the son of king Nefererkare and succeeded his elder brother Neferefre on the throne when this king died as a very young man.
Being not very old himself (probably in his early twenties) he had quitea long time on the throne (of disputable duration) under which he accomplished building projects of vast size and high quality.
Besides his own pyramid complex and big solar temple of stone at Abusir, he also finished monu- ments of his father and mother and to a curtain ex- tent also of his brother Neferefre whose death temple by his pyramid was made of sun dried bricks and possibly the work of his brother. From this time come graves of officials showing great wealth and this slow shift of power made the Old Kingdom collapse at the end of the next dynasty.
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