Neitkrety in Egyptian also
c. 2152 - 2149 BC Reign: 2 years
After the death of the aged king Pepy II dynastic troubles followed and a woman took advantage of the situation - her name (In Greek) was Nitokris. This is what the Egyptian historian Manetho tells in the 200s B.C. and she was "the noblest and love- liest of women" of her time with blond hair and fair complexion. His Greek colleague Herodotos tells about here suicide after her vengeance on those who had murdered her brother and put her on the throne, which is a remarkable history.
All this is probably pure fiction and "she" was a most likely a male ruler who had a brief reign.
These tales may have a core of truth but most of it is probably romanticized fiction added through the 2000 years since her reign. The Turin Canon has the name Nitokerti (which is probably originally the very common Neterkare) placed either in the second or third place after Pepy II.
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