Pepi I In Egyptian also
Statuette of Pepi I
Phios in Greek
c. 2289 - 2255 BC Reign: 34 years
Pepi I's throne name was Nefersahor (within the cartouche at bottom left) later changed into the one by which he is best known - Meryre.
He had a 21st and a 25th cattle count (held every two years) indicating a long reign perhas in coreign with Teti. He had several wives and many children and the sons Merenre and Pepi II rule through the 6th Dynasty. He made a number of trading and mining expeditions and started several building projects throughout the country. At least four statues of him have survived and one (left) shows him offering on his bended knees. He maintained all relations with Byblos in the Middle East and many inscriptions from his reign are known.
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