Sahure in Egyptian
Sepris in Greek
c. 2458 - 2446 BC Reign: 12 years
Sahure was a younger brother of his predeces- sor Userkaf and both quite surely sons of King Shepseskaf. There are no wives or children from him known. He was interested in the navy man and established the Egyptian fleet sending it to Punt, a country probably located somewhere at the southern shores of the Red Sea. The water- ways were also used in the trade with Lebanon for cedar wood.
He is famous for his pyramid complex at Abusir, which had colonnaded courts and fine reliefs telling of his expeditions and other events.
His modest military operations consisted mostly of campaigns against the Libyans in the north-western desert. He also worked a stone quarry (diorite) west of Abu Simbel in the far south.
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