Shepseskaf in Egyptian
Seberkeres in Greek
c. 2472 - 2467 BC Reign: 5 years
The oldest son of Menkaure called Khuenre had died, and the new king Shepseskaf was maybee but not necessarily another son of his. His reign was short but he manage to erect a very odd monument for his tomb and he also moved away from the Giza cemetery area for some reason.
At South Sakkara he built what today is generally called "Pharaoh's mastaba" which was (and still is) a very impressive rectangular sarcophagus shaped construction (100 by 75 m) with a vaulted roof and made of stones of a size larger then ever before.
This unique creation was hardly finished when king Shepseskaf died without leaving an heir.
His half sister named Khentkawes built a similar smaller one for herself by the pyramids at Giza and married a man named Userkaf (of unknown origin) who became the next king on the throne.
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