Shepseskare Also spelt
Sisiris in Greek
c. 2426 - 2419 BC Reign: 7 years
King Shepseskare is a shadowy figure that so far never has been found portrayed in reliefs or sculptures. If he was the son or brother to his pre- decessor Nefererkare, we don't know today (year 2002). The Canon of Turin notes him for a reign of seven years and since the figure hasn't been re- jected (or confirmed fot that matter) by archaeo- logy, this is generally accepted length. At Abusir seal impressions dated to his reign have been found. It is not known if he built a solar-temple, but old hieroglyphic text tell that six such shrines were built and only two have been found. Remains of a big unfinished pyramid (not exca-vated) located at Abusir north of the pyramid of Sahure, can possibly be credited to Shepseskare.

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