Snofru in Egyptian also
Sneferu, Snefru
Soris in Greek
c. 2575 - 2551 BC Reign: 24 years
Snofru is the greatest builder in Egyptian history and he erected at least two big pyramids.
He made huge dams for storing water for irrigation. The Palermo Stone mentions three cattle counts (6-8) during his reign that today (year 2002) is estima- ted to around 24 years.
Documents tell about his expeditions to Lebanon which brought home cedar wood for the building of ships and palaces and campaigns into Nubia resulted in large quantities of slaves and livestock (possibly bragging).
He is believed to be the founder of the big fortress at Buhen near the 2nd cataract (since 1968 at the bottom of Lake Nasser). His life-size statue in the Egyptian Museum (shown in picture left with the right part of the torso reconstructed) is the only (?) known of him.
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