Teti in Egyptian
A statue of king Teti made of granite and found in his death temple at Sakkara.
T   (E)   T    I  
Othohes in Greek
c. 2323 - 22291 BC Reign: c. 25 years
The break between dynasties five and six is a little obscure and king Teti seems to have set- tled some accession problems when he reach the office of pharaoh. He probably reached this position by marrying a daughter of king Unas and she was buried in a pyramid close to his own in Sakkara. His name is destroyed on the Turin King List and some fragments give him incorrectly a reign of less than a year, and Manetho says 30 which is more likely. Records about his sixth cattle count (every two years), gives at least 10 years and scholars generally agree on a reign of his up to a good 20 years.
The picture left shows his name within a car- touche and sometimes a duck was added inside with the sun disc, meaning: "the son of Re".
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